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Totally Drenched Cardio Lift Core Circuit Classes - Drenched Fitness
Totally Drenched Cardio Lift Core Circuit Classes - Drenched Fitness
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The classic, our signature Gold Standard class. This class is how it all started. You will rotate from the treadmill to the floor every 10-15 minutes. Your treadmill work will be challenging and incorporate speeds, inclines and the HIIT Method to maximize your efforts and calorie burn and improve your cardiovascular fitness. The floor work will provide a total body workout and include 3-4 movements focused on improving strength and tone. You will cycle through these movements 3 times making you want to get back on the treadmill.

Fast & Furious

If you have attention deficit disorder, this is the class for you. You won’t have time to lose focus or get bored. You will leave this one-hour workout wondering what happened. It went by that fast. Your interval times will be 5-7 minutes alternating from the treadmill to the floor. This class was designed to make each muscle group work to its fullest potential. Floor work will focus on 1 muscle group each 5-7 minute interval. You won’t leave this class wanting more. You’ve just given everything you have.


A new twist on our signature class! You will rotate every 10-15 minutes between treadmill intervals using the HIIT method and floor work. The floor work is where we change things up in this exciting new class. You’ll rotate between 11 stations on the floor, working through a challenging, full body circuit before getting back on the treadmill for another round Time flies in this action packed class and will leave you wondering how the hour went by so fast!


An abbreviated version of our signature workouts! You’ll still cycle through our signature HIIT cardio and strength training intervals, but in 45 minutes you’ll leave this class DRENCHED, having completed a total body workout and the knowledge that your lunch hour was well spent investing in your health and fitness.


Maxed out on cardio this week? Looking to sculpt, strengthen and define your muscles? Join the DRENCHED Lift class limited to just 11 people. You will spend 15 minutes on the treadmill warming up and preparing your muscles for an intense 45-minute strength workout. Floor work will incorporate functional, power, balance and pure strength movements.

DRENCHED Core Fusion

This class will quickly become a new favorite and it will make your performance in the other classes go through the roof! When your sprint speed improves, your flexibility increases, balance and core get stronger you can thank DRENCHED Core Fusion. This class focuses on building and challenging your foundational muscles. In this unique class, you will start with 15 minutes on the treadmill followed by 30 minutes of core and functional fitness, ending with 15 minutes of trainer-led stretch and foam rolling. You will walk away from this class knowing you did something great for your body but don’t underestimate it’s power. You will get a great workout.

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